September 2013


Music Promise in the Community - Back and Ready To Rock

26th Sep 2013

Music Promise in the Community (SYNC) is back for a new term of music making,song writing and serious fun in neighbourhoods across the city.


Conquest of Happiness Triumphant Premiere

23rd Sep 2013

On Friday the 20th and Saturday the 21st of September world premiere of 'Conquest of Happiness' took place on Ebrington Square Derry-Londonderry.


Lenanshee Rehearsals Set To Start At Foyleview

12th Sep 2013

The original musical Lenanshee written by Composer and Director Conor Mitchell goes into rehearsal on September 16th at Foyleview Special School.

one big day

Thornhill's One Big Day

10th Sep 2013

Inspired by Radio One's 'One Big Weekend' - Thornhill have gone Music Promise mad to have a music festival called One Big Day