Lenanshee Cast Back Together for DVD Launch

The Lenanshee Musical was commissioned as a major part of the special needs and disability strand of The Music Promise. Based on a storyline written by Sir Richard Stilgoe, the work of turning the story into a full scale West end level musical was made real by Northern Irish composer and director Conor Michell.

The Lenanshee is the story of two opposite worlds who come together against all odds to create a haven of peace and inclusion was reworked by Conor Mitchell to produce a piece of music theatre which was full of joy and poignancy. 

The process started in May when hundreds of children and young people from across the city's primary,post primaries and special schools auditioned for parts as actors,singers and dancers.

Foyleview Special school was the hub then for all daily rehearsals from September to November with choreographer Muirne Bloomer and composer Conor Mitchell putting the youngsters through their paces over the course of an intensive eight week rehearsal period where all young people were totally emersed in the perfoming arts.

As the performance came closer the cast moved for final rehearsals in The Venue, The set was built and the young orchestra were joined by professional musicians and conductor to rehearse.

So on the 8th of November, for one night only, Lenanshee premiered in Derry-Londonderry to a sell out audience with Sir Richard Stilgoe there to see his story brought to life.

Now the cast, composer,chreographer and crew are coming together for a gala night to  celebrate their achievements and watch the film which charts their journey from rehearsal room to performance.

The film viewing and cast reunion takes place tonight in St. Columbs Hall for all cast and crew.