New Music Promise Anthem For The City part of Joyous Celebration

Music Promise in the Community SYNC brought young people together from across the city to write a new song which charts their Music Promise journey.

'Where I Belong' is the result. More than 30 youngsters played this song live as part of the Music Promise Joyous Celebration concerts on the 3rd and 4th of December in St. Columb's Hall as a huge ensemble accompanied by PRS Foundation Muscian in Residence Neil Cowley.

The song is a popular favourite of BBC Radio Foyle/Ulster presenter, Stephen Mc Cauley and can be heard in the glorious surroundings of The Playtrail, Racecourse Road, Derry on Saturday 14th of December in a huge 5 hour concert featuring many bands and singer-songwriters who have formed this year as part of the  Music Promise SYNC programme.This marks another concert in our Music Promise Joyous Celebration month.

The day of music and joyous celebration starts from 2pm - wrap up warm and get ready to Join The Jamm.

 'Where I Belong' is the soundtrack to the video below.