SYNC Music Promise 'Where I Belong' - to be released as a single this month

In November 2013 a group of 12 young people came together to write a song which encapsulated their Music Promise expereince. As part of SYNC Music Promise in The Community hundreds of young people have been enjoying music making right in the heart of their communities.

As part of the Resonate project, which recorded many of  the sounds of 2013 and  under the expert direction of Rory Donaghy -SYNC young people came together in the Nerve Centre to work on a song for their city - the result was 'Where I Belong' - The song received it's live debut on Stephen Mc Cauley's BBC Radio Foyle /Ulster show 'Electric Mainline' throughout November and December and the youngsters played it live as part of the Music Promise Joyous Celebration concerts in December 2013.

Now this ambitious crew supported by SYNC Co-ordinator Marty Mc Gill and his team have decided to reach a bigger audience with the release of 'Where I Belong' in a limited edition format later this month.

For SYNC Co-ordintaor Marty Mc Gill ' This song comes from the heart, it tells the story of the young people's music promise journey and we are very proud that this wonderful song  came about when the young people and their mentors came together to capture the essence of their experience.'

The single is already available to listen to on Sound cloud - check out the VT of the recording process below.

'Where I Belong' will hopefully now allow other young people who love music and want to get more involved to consider following their dreams via SYNC at The Nerve Centre.