Events in November 2013


Quercus Youth Strings Orchestra Is Born To Mark Brittain Anniversary


As part of The Music Promise the acclaimed Quercus Ensemble will create a youth strings orchestra in two days to perform Brittain's Simple Symphony.

junior band

Britannia Junior Band & Friends

£5, £3 concession

Britannia Junior Band is a music promise story come true. Now the band is set to showcase their talent alongside other Music Promise young people on stage.


New Music Generation - The E.T.s have landed


As part of the Music Promise celebration of young exceptional talent - Fifty young people have been chosen to be our music ambassadors - our E.T.s have landed


Lenanshee - Fairytale Musical of The Culture Year

£10, £6 concession (includes booking fee)

The Lenanshee Musical is the result of a vision shared by the finest minds in education and the arts.In less than a month this new work debuts at The Venue.