The Music Promise in your community

Young people who want to play in bands, DJ or produce music are taking advantage of training on their doorstep through our groundbreaking SYNC initiative. Sessions take place four nights a week in each neighbourhood of the city. Over the year we’re involving around a thousand 11-18 year-olds who are developing their musical skills, forming bands and collectives, and coming together for a range of performances and a city-wide jam. The option is there to create a unified all-city community youth ensemble, with the potential to play and perform well beyond the City of Culture year.

Any young person with a passion for music is welcome to sign up. Alongside creating music and playing and performing, there is business mentoring and advice, and opportunities to write, produce and record tracks and songs.

SYNC is led by expert trainers from the Nerve Centre, working with a range of musicians and youth leaders to tailor the programme to the needs and aspirations of young people all over the city. All you need is an interest in music or music technology to get involved.

Community News

SYNC Music Promise 'Where I Belong' - to be released as a single this month

7th Mar 2014

Young people who spent 2013 as part of SYNC Music Promise in The Community have released their debut single today - the music of a new generation

ETs Reach New Digital Dimensions

21st Feb 2014

Music Promise Exceptionally Talented Students collaborate with cutting edge composers and dancers to create new compositions in a weekend!


12th Feb 2014

The Exceptionally Talented Programme students were in the Bllast Furnace Studios recording their first EP

Lenanshee Cast Back Together for DVD Launch

7th Feb 2014

Two months after the success of the Lenanshee Muscial the full cast are coming together to view the film of the whole process from auditions to performance

Other Voices Makes a Music Promise

4th Feb 2014

On Wednesday 5th and Thursday the 6th of February 'Other Voices' joins forces with the Music Promise in schools and communities.

Community Events

Unfortunately no events are currently planned for schools. Why not check out the Get Involved sections for ways you can get involved through your school.