Lenashee Auditions - The Mini Series

Lenashee Auditions - The Mini Series

What is The Lenanshee Musical? Part 1

When Starlight Express lyricist Sir Richard Stilgoe visited Foyle View Special School last year he realised he was in a very unique creative environment.

He penned the thumbnail of a story which he gifted to Foyle view based on myths and legend. The Lenanshee simply tells the story of people from different worlds coming together.

Now this story outline has been developed and fleshed out into an original musical score and script for a brand new musical by Composer and Director Conor Mitchell.

This musical promises to put Foyle view and Belmont Special schools on the biggest stage this Culture Year has seen.

Conor Mitchell is both excited and terrified by the scale of the project he and choreographer Muirna Bloomer have taken on.

The auditions for Lenanshee took place at the end of May. Children and young people from across the city came to join the young people from Foyleview to audition.Choosing the core 100 cast was a difficult task and the standard was so high.

Here is Part One of The Lenanshee Auditions - move over X Factor!


Lenanshee Auditions - The Mini Series Part Two

The Lenanshee Musical Auditions Part 2

The Lenanshee Auditions ran for three full days at the end of May.Children and young people flocked to Foyle view Special school from all over the city to be part of the auditions.

Children of all ages and abilities came to dance,sing and act in order to impress the judges.

The Director Conor Mitchell and Choreographer Muirna Bloomer put every one through their paces in their search for passion and talent amongst the young hopefuls.

With a mixed ability cast both Conor and Muirna are actively promoting inclusion by seeking high artistic values across the board.


Lenanshee Auditions - The Mini Series - Part Three

The Lenanshee Musical Auditions Part 3

The Lenanshee Musical is part of The Music Promise.The Music Promise is commited to growing talent,nurturing talent and showcasing talent.

As part of that we have created opportunities for as many young people as possible.

Creating a level playing field for all children is key to our vision.

Advancing and celebrating the talent and passion of children with special educational needs and disability is a core strand of The Music Promise - The Lenanshee musical is one vehicle for us to celebrate our young people across abilities and bring them together to be part of a very exciting project.