Lisnagelvin Primary - Building Bridges

Every child in Lisnagelvin has crossed a new bridge this year into the world of music making, composing and recording a new selection of original work onto a wonderful CD.

Working with their Music Coordinator Janice Caldwell, teachers and parents the whole school community have embraced the chance to have every voice in the school heard.

Lisnagelvin Primary School Are So Cool

With Music Promise funding, Lisnagelvin have realised the dream of a lifetime. They have created a wonderful cd of songs on which every child is featured. After many months of learning new instruments and working on the lyrics and tunes to some songs they have now performed a showcase of their work and take great pride in their cd which is now reaching homes across the school community.

For Janice Caldwell, Music Coordinator this year has seen the school emmersed in music from the nursery to primary seven thanks to the Music Promise. The cd was the finished product but the process of working together has been a great joy and everyone has had such great fun.